Federal Employee Retirement & Disability Retirement

Federal Disability Retirement Lawyer

If you have been denied disability retirement benefits as a federal employee, or if you feel your federal retirement benefit has been calculated incorrectly, the law firm of Ronald P. Ackerman can help.

Located in Los Angeles, the Law Offices of Ronald P. Ackerman is dedicated to helping federal employees deal with employment issues such as retirement annuity disputes and disability retirement. Mr. Ackerman is one of the few lawyers in California who represents federal employees exclusively. He understands the unique laws and procedures that apply to federal employees and is experienced in dealing with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), which is responsible for federal employee retirement benefits.

If Mr. Ackerman is unable to resolve your retirement issue before the OPM, you may appeal rights to the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB).

Disability Retirement Disputes

If you have determined that you are unable to continue working at your federal job due to a disability, you should contact a federal employment law attorney as soon as possible. If the medical reports prepared by your doctor are too vague or don't touch on each of the issues the OPM is looking for, your request for disability retirement could be denied. Mr. Ackerman is experienced in working with doctors in the preparation of medical reports which may improve the likelihood your application will be approved.

Retirement Benefit Calculations

If you have an issue with how your retirement annuity was calculated by the OPM, Mr. Ackerman can represent your interests. Mr. Ackerman is familiar with the unique retirement issues affecting federal law enforcement officers (LEO), military personnel, and other federal employees.

Contact California federal disability retirement lawyer Ronald P. Ackerman to discuss your case.