Federal Employee Sexual Harassment & Discrimination

Government Worker Sexual Harassment Attorney

The Law Offices of Ronald P. Ackerman is dedicated to helping federal employees deal with employment issues such as sexual harassment and employment discrimination in the workplace.

Federal employees who are victims of sexual harassment or discrimination need a lawyer who is experienced in the federal court system. All sexual harassment and discrimination claims are considered first by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). However, appeals for federal employees are handled in federal court rather than state court.

Attorney Ronald P. Ackerman is familiar with the procedures and judges who handle federal employee sexual harassment and discrimination claims.

Discrimination Claims

In VINDIOLA v. JOHN E. POTTER, EEOC Appeal No. 07A20046 (September 16, 2003), Mr. Ackerman represented a POSTAL SERVICE EMPLOYEE with a Seizure Disorder. The Postal Service decided not to allow the employee to return to work after he suffered a seizure at work, even though he had been medically cleared to return. An Administrative Judge of the E.E.O.C. awarded the employee two years of back pay, costs, compensatory damages and Attorney Fees in a decision that upheld on appeal to the Office of Federal Operations, E.E.O.C.

While federal laws including the American with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act, require federal employers to make reasonable accommodations for disabled workers, some agencies fail to make the reasonable accommodations required. For example, many employees who can't use computers due to carpal tunnel syndrome don't receive voice activated software and ergonomic work stations that could allow them to do their jobs.

The law bars discrimination in the workplace based on race, gender, national origin, religion, pregnancy, family status, or disability. If you feel your job status has been affected by any form of discrimination, including failure to make reasonable accommodations for a disability, contact federal employment law attorney Ronald L. Ackerman for assistance.

Sexual Harassment Claims

You may have a sexual harassment case:

  • If your job status may be affected by your acceptance or rejection of sexual advances by your boss.

  • If repeated offensive jokes or sexual comments in the workplace create a hostile work environment.

In SEBEK v. HOLDER, EEOC Appeal No. 07A00005 (March 8, 2001), Mr. Ackerman represented a female employee who was assaulted by her manager while at work. The Department of Justice argued that the Manager was an "equal opportunity abuser" and that he treated men and women equally poorly. An Administrative Judge awarded Mr. Ackerman's client $200,000 in compensatory damages along with costs and attorneys fees. The Award was fully upheld on Appeal to Office of Federal Operations, EEOC.

Contact government worker sexual harassment attorney Ronald P. Ackerman to discuss your case. Remedies in sexual harassment and discrimination cases may include attorney fees.