Federal Employee Terminations, Suspensions & Demotions

Federal Termination & Suspension Lawyer

Federal civil service law attorney Ronald P. Ackerman is dedicated to helping federal employees throughout Los Angeles and California deal with employment issues such as termination, suspension, and demotion.

Mr. Ackerman is one of the few lawyers in California who represents federal employees exclusively. He understands the unique laws and procedures that apply to federal employees and is experienced in handling appeals before the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB).

If you have received a proposal letter from your federal employer saying that they are considering suspending, demoting, or firing you, you have a serious problem — you need to take the problem seriously by hiring a lawyer to represent you. The best time to try to stop the action is early, while it is still a proposal.

Mr. Ackerman can negotiate with your employer on your behalf and try to convince your employer to drop the action. If your employer decides to go ahead with the action, Mr. Ackerman can represent you in your appeal to the Merit Systems Protection Board.

Contact California federal termination and suspension lawyer Ronald P. Ackerman to discuss your case. If you win your case before the Merit Systems Protection Board, your employer will have to pay your attorney fees.