Federal Employee Union Grievances

Federal Employee Union Grievances Attorney

If you are a member of a federal employee union and you have a grievance that is covered by your union contract, you may be able to hire an attorney to represent you at your arbitration hearing. Some federal employee unions will allow employees to hire their own attorney to represent them at arbitration hearings.

Federal employee attorney Ronald P. Ackerman is experienced in representing employees throughout Los Angeles and California in union arbitration hearings on matters such as termination, suspension, and demotion. Some federal employee unions may allow employees to hire lawyers for arbitration.

While union employees can choose to have a union shop steward handle their grievance issue, some shop stewards do not have legal training. Mr. Ackerman is an attorney with decades of experience representing federal employees.

Prior to becoming an attorney, Mr. Ackerman held several positions with the INS Council of the American Federation of Government Employees. As a union official, Mr. Ackerman represented federal employees in grievances, arbitrations, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Hearings, and Merit Systems Protection Board Hearings.

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