Involuntary Retirement

Federal Employee Law – Involuntary Retirement

A Federal Employment Attorney Can Help with Involuntary Retirement Appeals

You're a federal employee with years, perhaps decades, on the job. You've put in your time and worked hard on your career path. Suddenly, however, you're feeling pressured by your supervisor to retire, although you're not quite ready. Federal employment lawyers call this "involuntary retirement" or even "coerced" or "forced" retirement.

If you feel you were forced into retirement, you should speak with a Los Angeles federal employment attorney. Federal employees appeal and work under different laws than those in the private sector, so an experienced nationwide lawyer like Ronald P. Ackerman can support you in your case.

When and How Can I Challenge Involuntary Retirement?

The Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) handles all federal employee appeals. In short, a successful appeal typically must prove that your involuntary retirement was due to intolerable working conditions — and that your place of employment engaged in improper acts to force you out.

Maybe your employer made a decision without basis that forced you to retire. Or you were medically or mentally unfit to make a reasonable decision about your career, and retired on their erroneous advice. Or perhaps your job circumstances were so intolerable that anyone in your position would also be forced to retire early.

If you do decide to file an appeal, consulting with and putting an experienced federal employee attorney on your side gives you the best chance for a positive outcome. You and your lawyer can file your appeal to the MSPB online to begin the process. The MSPB has a specific process to follow for appeals, so it's important you follow it correctly. This includes collecting pertinent evidence and designing a flawless case for yourself.

Contact a National Federal Employment Lawyer for Help

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