MSPB Appeals

Federal Employment Law – MSPB Appeals

What is the MSPB?

The Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) protects the rights of federal employees. Independent of partisan politics, it provides you the opportunity to appeal decisions you believe are unfair or adverse to your job. These actions taken against you include:

  • Suspensions exceeding 14 days
  • Demotions
  • Removal from job

The MSPB entitles you to an appeal and reviews these employment decisions. However, MSPB laws and procedures can be complex and confusing. Consulting with an experienced federal employment attorney can help you work through the process with more confidence. Ronald P. Ackerman has a long history of assisting his Los Angeles and nationwide clients achieve positive outcomes.

The Appeals Process

Most MSPB appeals are finalized within 120 to 160 days. The process, with the help of your federal employment attorney, goes as follows:

  • File an appeal in the appropriate MSPB field office
  • Receive acknowledgement order and proceed with e-filing initiation
  • Discovery phase and deposition
  • Possible settlement negotiation
  • Pre-hearing
  • Hearing
  • Initial decision
  • Petition for review, if desired

Your federal employment attorney walks you through every step of the appeals process, explaining the complex system of the MSPB and keeping you informed on every aspect of your case.

A successful appeal can result in the reinstatement to your job, recovery of back pay, payment of attorney fees and more. Ronald P. Ackerman in Los Angeles focuses exclusively on federal employment law and has years of experience working with these types of cases, both in the state of California and across the nation.

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