Pay or Grade Reductions

Federal Employee Law – Pay or Grade Reductions

Reduction in Pay or Grade – A Federal Employment Attorney Can Help

As a federal employee, you're afforded certain rights when you suffer adverse actions relating to your job. These actions could be anything from a suspension to a forced retirement to reductions in pay or grade. Your service within the government is based solely on merit. If you do receive a reduction in pay or grade, and believe it is without sound reason, you may have a resource — the Merit Service Protection Board (MSPB).

The MSPB exists solely to protect federal employees from suffering potentially unfair punishments in their place of employment and, with a successful appeal, can overturn an adverse decision which affects your salary. Consulting with and bringing a federal employment attorney on board is in your best interest when appealing a decision in front of the MSPB. An experienced attorney like Ronald P. Ackerman understands the process from beginning to end, and will help you work toward the best possible outcome. Mr. Ackerman works with clients out of his Los Angeles office, as well as across the United States.

Why Might You Receive a Reduction in Pay or Grade?

You could receive a reduction in pay for many reasons. It may be a punishment for alleged improprieties at work, or for any other kind of perceived misconduct by your superiors. You might have been wrongly accused. Or, the action taken against you may have been put into place following incorrect procedures. In cases like this, a federal employment attorney can be instrumental in helping you appeal the decision in front of the MSPB and possibly overturning the decision.

Remember, a reduction in pay or grade affects the rest of your career. Your reputation and future job advancement can vanish with just a signature. Appealing to the MSPB gives you a chance to turn this around and continue on your career path.

Your federal employment attorney will work with you to file your case and launch an affirmative defense, if appropriate. He will assist with the discovery process, calling witnesses, and present evidence. Sometimes both parties will reach a settlement before a hearing.

If You've Received a Pay or Grade Reduction, Reach Out to An Attorney Today

An unfair reduction in grade or pay can affect your career and the rest of your life. I will work to my utmost abilities to get a positive outcome at the MSPB. Contact my offices, Ronald P. Ackerman, P.C., for a confidential consultation at 310-649-5300 to begin the appeal process.