Federal Employee Law – Removal

Federal Employee Attorney Assisting with Job Removal Appeals

As a federal employee, you have different rights than employees in the private sector. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that you are completely protected from any adverse actions taken against you. You can certainly be removed from your position if your management feels you have violated rules of your employment or your performance is unacceptable. This can mean the end of your career as a federal employee, taking with it the benefits and job path you've worked so hard to achieve.

The good news is that the decision to remove you from your position doesn't have to be final. Ronald P. Ackerman, P.C. is a Los Angeles federal employment attorney who works exclusively with federal employees to appeal these types of employment decisions. He's served countless clients in going in front of the Merit System Protection Board (MSPB) to assist with employee appeals.

Which Federal Employees Have Rights to MSPB Appeals?

If you believe you were removed from your position unfairly or in error, you may have the right to appeal. In order to appeal an adverse job decision in front of the MSPB, you must not only be a federal employee, but you must also meet certain eligibility requirements. Check with your federal employment lawyer to ensure you qualify. Generally, you have the right to Appeal an adverse employment action if:

  • You completed a probationary or trial period, and/or completed a requisite period of continuous service (not including a temporary appointment of one year or less);
  • You are a veterans-preference eligible employee of the U.S. Postal Service with at least one year continuous employment an you are not still in a probationary status;
  • You are a Postal Service manager, supervisor, or employeee in personnel work (not including those in non-confidential positions) who has completed one year of current and continuous service in a similar (or the same) position.

Let Ronald P. Ackerman help you appeal your removal in front of the MSPB. He will in assist in filing the proper paperwork, as well as collect evidence and interview witnesses.

Los Angeles Federal Employment Attorney Helping Employees Nationwide

Remember, adverse employment actions against you can throw your job off-track and possibly affect you for the rest of your life. This doesn't have to happen. Put an experienced and sympathetic attorney on your side. I focus only on federal employment law, and my goal is to help you get back on your career track. Contact my offices, Ronald P. Ackerman, P.C., for a confidential consultation at 310-649-5300 today.