Federal Employee Law – Suspensions

Federal Suspension Attorneys Can Help Appeal Your Case

Are you a federal employee facing suspension? It's crucial you contact a federal employee attorney as soon as possible for legal advice and support. Because you work for the Federal government, you're entitled to appeal many actions against you to the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB).

A suspension affects your career, livelihood, and potentially your entire future. Ronald P. Ackerman's extensive experience in federal employee law helps you through the appeals process, navigating you through the maze of red tape and paperwork, working with you to achieve a positive outcome. He works with employees in both Los Angeles and nationwide.

Reasons for & Types of Suspensions

You may be suspended for alleged disciplinary reasons or pending an investigation. Your agency must have good cause to believe they have reason for a suspension. Your agency may place you on paid or unpaid suspension. Obviously unpaid suspension is the more critical type of suspension. Typically, you'll get a written notice of a proposal before the suspension is effective. This is the critical time to seek legal counsel.

Contact a Los Angeles Federal Suspension Attorney Now

Do you feel you've been unfairly suspended from your federal job? It's time to seek assistance. As a former federal employee myself, I'm not only familiar with the system, but also sympathetic to your situation. Don't let an unfair suspension derail your career. Contact my offices, Ronald P. Ackerman, P.C., for a confidential consultation at 310-649-5300 to begin the appeal process.