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It happens far too frequently. You are injured at work and file for workers' compensation, only to find that you have been fired because you filed a claim. You learn of employer wrongdoing and report your findings to appropriate authorities, only to face retaliatory discharge, unsavory or undesirable assignments, or constant threats or taunts from supervisors or co-workers.

The law protects workers against unfair workplace retaliation. If you have been subjected to any type of treatment as punishment for exercising legal rights, you want an experienced employment lawyer to help protect your interests and your future.

At the Law Offices of Ronald P. Ackerman, I bring nearly 20 years of employment law experience to people in Los Angeles, California, and throughout the country. A former Federal employee, I am one of a small number of lawyers in the country with extensive experience handling Federal employment law claims. In two decades in practice, I have handled hundreds of cases before a wide range of government agencies, including the EEOC, the Merit Systems Protection Board and the Office of Personnel Management.

Protecting Victims of Workplace Retaliation

I aggressively protect the rights of workers who have experienced retaliation on the job because they acted within their legal rights. I will gather and assess all evidence to support a claim for wrongful retaliation, and will prepare and file all the necessary documents required by administrative agencies or by the court. I will also be a strong voice for you in all hearings or proceedings.

I handle all types of workplace retaliation claims, including acts based on:

  • The filing of a legitimate workers' compensation claim
  • Taking legal action against an employer for discrimination, sexual harassment, or wage and hour violations
  • Reporting corporate wrongdoing, from environmental to financial misdeeds

When you are the victim of retaliation at work, the sooner you contact a lawyer, the greater your chances of getting the results you want. The longer you tolerate retaliatory conduct, the more difficult it will be for a judge or jury to believe you have been harmed. In addition, the longer you wait, the greater the risk that witnesses will disappear or memories will fade.

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