Los Angeles Wage and Hour Law Attorney

Southern California Overtime Pay Lawyer — National Practice

If you have been wrongfully denied wages by your employer, whether for overtime or any other reason, you want an experienced attorney to protect your rights.

At the Law Offices of Ronald P. Ackerman, I provide nearly 20 years of legal experience to people in Los Angeles, Southern California and across the country who are involved in an employment law dispute, including a disagreement over wages or overtime pay. I understand the fear and confusion you can feel when you are involved in a controversy related to your job. When you hire me to protect your rights, you will work directly with me throughout the process.

Wage and Overtime Disputes Practice

I handle all matters related to wage and overtime matters; gathering and assessing all relevant evidence; preparing and filing all necessary documents; and acting as your advocate in proceedings before federal administrative agencies, as well as in court, if necessary. I take individual claims for violation of wage and hour laws, and will handle class-action lawsuits.

I represent clients in all types of controversies related to wage and hour issues, including:

  • Helping them obtain payment for uncompensated overtime
  • Helping them address an employer's request that they skip their lunch or other mandatory breaks
  • Helping them resolve issues related to employee misclassification, exempt/nonexempt status or Federal employee audits

I have focused exclusively on employment law matters since opening my practice in 1992. I am extremely familiar with the statutes that protect workers' rights, and I have successfully represented hundreds of clients before such government agencies as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the Merit Systems Protection Board, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) as well as in Federal and State Courts.

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I provide a confidential consultation to every client. To set up a private meeting with an experienced Los Angeles wage and hour law attorney, contact me by e-mail or call my Los Angeles-based office at 310-649-5300. I represent clients nationwide.